Jun 28, 2011

Review and Swatches : NYX Glitterati Glitter Cream Pallet

Hi Beauty Lovers..
So..i've just bought NYX Glitterati Glitter Cream Pallet from my favorite Online Shop www.chic-princessa.com

Ok let's start the REVIEW!

First impression of this palette is BIG..at least bigger than my 88 matte eyeshadow palette.. :p 
Nice packaging..eeehmm...Ooow and the colors arrangement I guess it's pretty nice, but a little bit confusing 4 me..

Why it make me confuse?
Because for example there are 3 different pink in the palette, they're not put side by side but in a different row..
Hahaha..silly reason right?
But the fun things about this 'random' arrangement is the palette look so colourful..and it's good!

Second impression is about the quality..
Hmm..coz this is my very first glitter cream so I can't really compare it with others..
For me this glitter is really messy..when I apply it on my eyelid, sometimes it's not stick so well (maybe because of the eyeshadow base or my dry finger)
Lots of fall out..But the good thing of this glitter cream are they stay long enough and they have really beautiful colors that also pigmented!

PS : this review is all from my honest feeling.. :)

Now let me show u how I clean this glitter cream..
Before that, I need 2 things : Baby lotion and facial wipes and we good to go..

How I cleaned the Glitter Cream

1. Pigeon Baby Lotion ( I usually use it for eye make up removal )
2. Facial Wipes
3. Glitter Cream on my bare hand
Apply Pigeon Baby Lotion on the Glitter Cream

Rub it slowly in the area of Glitter Cream

Use Facial Wipe to clean the Baby Lotion and also the Glitter Cream

Woalaa.. I'm done!

The last part is the SWATCHES..

P.S :
1. I use flash
2. I don't use anykind of primer

Thx for reading, Beauties..
Love ya'll..


  1. @rids thankyou dear..hv no regret buying this palette.. :)

  2. awsum shades babes...i loved the glitters... how much is it for?? i mean the price...

  3. @arunima yea..really pretty colors, right?
    i bought it IDR 139000.. So it's about $14