Jul 2, 2011

Welcome, July !!

Hi my lovely friends..

I remember yesterday was the 1st time i'm started be a blogger (write my 1st weebly site)..
But actually yesterday was June,30th..and today is July, 1st!
Can u imagine how fast the time flying by without u even noticed?
Yeah..super cool how the time can move so fast , but not always that cool sometimes moreover if i missed my favorite TV shows (*yaikz..just kidding)..

But today, I wanna invite u all my lovely friends to start remember about the past..
Remember our transformation day by day or even year by year..
Not to regret it of course.. :)
Aaaw..i'm so melancholic today..
Well..the point is I just wanna show u some of my old picts..hahaha..

So..I've already diggin in my OLD harddisk to seek my OLD photos..
And here they are..
 can u spot my hair extension? 
Yes..several of years ago I have a pretty long hair and use blue extension..
kinda cute, i think..
PS : Can u see my unshaped brows?? Hmm..at that time I hvn't met make up..hahaha..
So that was my face several years ago..
without any kind of make up, even when I'm on the go..

I heart this picture a lot!
Fallin love with scenery at the very first time I saw it..
This photo take place at Kerep, Ambarawa
The photographer was my boyfriend
One of his great picture ever!!

I love Strawberries!
Specially the one that I can take it my self!

 One of my random fact is I really love to take a picture of sky..
and that was the sky above Kerep, Ambarawa which I thought pretty good

Yea..i still have more old photos, but can't find it right now..
So..i'll upload it as soon as I find it 1st.. :)

Anyway..for today FOTD is....
My "Naked" face..truly my face with zero makeup.. Sorry for this horrible picture..Recently I'm in a war with Acne, pimples, redness and really bad oily face!!
And now my enemy wins.. *Sigh..
I decided to not wear anykind of makeup except my skin care product..herb or non herb..
My face become so ugly right now..I don't know why..it getting worse for couple of weeks back..
But after several treatments using herb medication (lemonade, honey, yogurt or even oatmeal) and it's getting better now..
I hope my face will be better soon..and I can start to make make up video again..coz with face like this, it's a big no to put make up on my face.. :(

Continue to SOTD (Shirt Of The Day)
I adore this T-shirt a lot..
Love the cartoon kittie on it..
Anyway, is anyone of u know what the shirt said?

Once more I wanna say..."Welcome, July!! Hope u'll bring me and my lovely friends a big luck for our life!! Mwaaah"

Ok..last cam whore.. 
I promise..
Meet my little friend, Momo 
Did I ever mention that I'm a hamster breeder also?
Momo is one of my hamsters :)
(totally edited picture!)

Thankyou so much for reading my blog..
and also if u have a spare time, will u share me some of ur old pict?
I really wanna see it..

Love ya'll

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