Jun 7, 2011

My very first D.I.Y video

Hi guys..
This is the review of my skin care video which is "Removing Blackheads in an Easy and Cheap Way"

Ya'll now blackheads, right?
They really piss me off sometimes..when i have to go in special occasion, then i standing on my mirror for hours just for pinching and squeezing my nose.
For what? black and whiteheads! St*pid blackheads!

But finally i found a very easy way to remove them..
I actually got this amazing tip from youtuber called 'drvincentchang'.. and he is such of wonderful guru!
I love almost all of his tutorials and tips!
You better check his channel out someday..

So..for ingredients..very easy to get :
1. Salt
2. Minty Toothpaste 

Thats all..and uhm proportion for each ingredients just 50:50
Easy right???

Well anyway, don't forget to check my very 1st skin care tip!

Jia you!

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