Jul 26, 2012

How To Wear Maxy Dress

Hi lovelies..
Late blog post today..

So..i've just uploaded my 2nd outfits video on my Youtube channel..
I've been loving maxy dress for almost a month..actually started last month..
That's why this video is showing you how I usually wear my maxy dress..

Anyway, I know I look super skinny in this video..
that's because I am skinny..but I'm not doing drugs, cracks or any kind of that..
I'm skinny because it's my heritage..from my parents and also grandparents..so no need to ask me why I can become that skinny (consider I really love junk food.. a lot!!)

I hope this video can be ur inspiration that u can wear ur dress in many different ways..

Jul 4, 2012

Easy French Manicure : Blue Sky

Hi guys..
How are you today?
Hope everyone have an amazing day..

So this is my post for my new video called "Easy French Manicure : Blue Sky"
Actually this is my old video..almost a year old..but it gone missing for some period of time..and finally I find it back reediting and upload it to Youtube..
Quite a long journey I guess..

But anyway..here are the list for all the product I used:

* BLINK Nail Polish "Sky Blue"
* Pokari Nail Polish G162
* Vision V* Nail Polish "Serial Blogger"
* Pokari Top Coat
* Rosari Polish Remover

Some of the pictures I took