Apr 18, 2014

Dramatic VS Natural Makeup Look

Hi cute macaroons..

So i've been planning to upload a new video from last couple of month..But I didn't have time for it and my internet connection was being unfriendly..
Aaand..finally here's my new video..
This video actually ment to be valentine makeup since it has pink and purple colour in it..like valentine signature colour..
But hey, you can still wear it in any occasion..

Anyway, these are so pictures of the makeup that I created..

Hey..I'm Back..!!

Hi cute cupcakes..
How ya'll doing??
I know.. I've been  MIA for a while..nope..forever! (◕︵◕)
But hey..I'm back..

I kinda surprise when I open my blog and the last time I posted on this blog was in Sept'13..O.o
Wow..it's been a while..
I miss you guys..a lottle (it's like a little but a lot!) (• ε •)

Anyway..there's a lot of things that happen lately..
I plan to make a video about this..i hope soon, but for now lemme tell you the outline of what happen to me for the past 7 month..
But I warned you..there will be lot of pictures of me..camwhore alert! (◜௰◝)

So..where do I start..hmmm..
Well..finally I've got a job..and not just one but two jobs at a time..crazy huh?! Well not really..
My 1st job is purchasing staff at one of the biggest garment factory at my town..can you imagine how excited I am? Wow..just wow!
But....nope! I'm just feel OK with my 1st job which is actually my main job..duh!
And here's my picture when I'm still on training..
selfie b4 going to work