Jun 26, 2011

~* TAG : Summer Besties *~

Hi Summer Lovers..
Now its time for video tag!

Yup..I'm tagged by celinangel (one of the sweet Youtube friend)
This video is all about summer favorite..
favorite make up..favorit skin care..also favorite clothing piece..

Really fun video to watch and also fun to share..

Anyway..u see the different background in my video right?
Xixixi..that's my bestie boarding house room..i visited her once a week..
but she kinda busy atm, so..spend my spare time by making this video..hahaha..

So let's get started with the 10 questions :
Favorite Summer
1. Lip product
2. Blush
3. Nail Polish
4. Liquid Face Product
5. Powder Face Product
6. Hair product
7. Eye Product
8. Self Tanner
9. Fashion Accessory
10. Clothing Piece

Yup..that's all for the questions..
So for all of u who reads my blog, please..please..please do this video tag..

Ow yea..i've already tag some of my friends to do this video..
my Youtube friends..


Can't wait to see it..
It's really fun thing to share to others..

So..enjoy the video!!

Thx besties..

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