Nov 5, 2011

I Need Your Help !!

Hey My lovelies..
First I admitted that my title is too overrated..hahaha..
But I really do need your help..

So maybe some of you may know that I've reached 500++ subbies on my Youtube channel..
Aaaaww..I so not believe my eyes when I woke up in the morning and saw my Youtube said "subscribers : 504"
OMFG..I was so happy..I really can't imagine having 500++ subbies..*rolling on the floor

That's why for celebrating my 500++ subbies, I wanna do "Q&A" video for all my lovely friends..
To make a Q&A video, I definitely need some question so I can answer it..
And this is the part that I need your help..
I need u to ask me about anything..I mean anything..
U can ask me about my life, bf, food or any kind of questions..but please keep the questions positive and I will be glad to answer it for u..
It will also gonna be a free shout out for your Youtube channel (for u who has a YT channel) or your blog, coz for each question I will mentioned your name and give your link on my description box and also my blog..!!
Please give your question by leaving a comment on my post here or by sending me a message on my Youtube channel.. >.<

So..once more..Please feel free to ask me about anything..
Thank you so much, lovelies..
and also thank you for your support on my Youtube channel, so I can make it through 500++ subbies..
I love ya'll..

PS : It feel weird for me not adding pictures on my post..
       So here's my pictures when I went to the park near our home..
       Enjoy.. >.<

 Me with "Hedwig"

 Me with "Bambi"

Me "climbing" the rope

 Me and my beloved lil bro
*kiss kiss


  1. hey. i like your photos and your little bro is so cute. i wanna ask you about your hair. can you tell how do you take care of your hair. they are so shinney :))))