Apr 30, 2011

Ulzzang Girl Make Up Look

Hi my all..
I've just upload my new video (hmm..it's not new actually..i've upload it couple of weeks ago..*yaikz..sorry 4 the late bloggin)

So..this is my 2nd attempt 4 me to do an Ulzzang Look..my 1st attempt didn't went that well coz one of my YT friend said that it was bad..and she's right!
That's why I make my new Ulzzang Look..and I hope this time is better..

Ok..the make up that I wear are :
* Eye
   Oriflame Absolute Concealer for Eyes in "pink"
   E.L.F Eyelid Primer
   Voyage Eye Shadow "Hot Gold"
   L.A Colors 12 Eye Shadow Palette "Modern"
   Nonna Liquid Liner in Black
   Oriflame Revelatiom Mascara in Black
* Face
   Oriflame Conceal Kit
   Maybelline BB Cream
   Dodo Palgantong Loose Powder
   Maybelline Blush "Watermelon"
* Lips
   Maybelline Lip Gloss "Tea Rose"

That's all 4 my make up..it's really easy look to do, and also cute look..
I'm having so much fun when I recorded it..and I hope ya'll enjoy watching it..

Here I give some picture from my Ulzzang Look 

And also watch my video about how i do this look..just a click!

Don't 4get to leave a comment, rate and maybe sub my channel 4 more video from me..
It will make my boring day happier..

Apr 16, 2011

I Heart Black

Hi pretty..
So..1 day 2 times blogging..
Yeah..i've been so busy lately..
That's why i do makeup blogging for 2 (or maybe 3,becoz i plan to upload my vid 2day) makeup videos..

And my 2nd Colors Series makeup look will be I heart Black on "Gothic in Me"

I leave all the makeup that i use down below..
  E.L.F Eyelid Primer
  Coastal Scents "88 Matte E/S Palette"  2 in 1 Crayon Eyeshadow and Liner "Black"
  Fake Lashes
  Oriflame Revelation Mascara

  Oriflame Skin Perfect Foundation "Natural Ivory"
  Oriflame Conceal Kit
  Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder

  Coastal Scents "88 Matte E/S Palette"
  NYX Makeup Box S108

Let me know what u think,all..
leave comment please..

And here some pictures I've take :

Apr 14, 2011

I Heart Green

Hi everyone..
So i start to move my weebly blog to my blogspot and I can't do it all in the same day..

Please be passion guys.. :)

Anyway..several of my makeup looks will be inspired by color..
and the 1st color I took is GREEN

I heart Green on "Eastern Girl on a Scarf" is the title of my video..
So..this is all the makeup that i use..
  E.L.F Eyelid Primer
  Coastal Scents 88 Matte e/s palette  
  E.L.F Duo Eyeshadow Cream "Butter Peacan"  
  Oriflame Dare to Dream palette
  Everyday Mineral "Medium"
  Nonna 2in1 Mascara and Eyeliner "Black"
  Oriflame Revelation Mascara

  Maybelline BB Cream
  Oriflame Concealer for Eyes  
  Maybelline Mineral Powder Bush "True Peach"
  Vision V* No Time for Shine Pressed Powder "Instant Latte"
  Vision V* Sparkle Collection Luminiser

  Oriflame LipSpa Therapy
  Exclusive Barclay Lipstick "Pure Coral"  
  Oriflame Ultimate Gloss "Pout" 

Some of the picture..

Love ya'll..

Apr 5, 2011

I'm a New Comer!

Hi my all..
Just wanna introduce my new blog here in blogspot..

I actually have another website on sinceresincera.weebly.com.. but I think it's better to make blog here in blogspot..so here I am now..

My name is Sincera..and I am a beautyaddict,,latety..
I know its too late..but..its fine with me..

Then for fulfill my desire of beauty i've started to watch a lot of beauty video on youtube..like make up, skin care, hair care..any kind that related to beauty..
And in the beginning of 2011 I started to make my own beauty channel on youtube..hahahaha..

So the purpose of this blog is for my beauty stuff and also my daily life..but try to make it more to beauty..

Thank you very much for the attention!
love ya