Mar 8, 2013

The Hair TAG

Hi my sweet butterflies..
Welcome back to my blog..≧◡≦

It's March already..and I haven't been around for quite a while..
I won't give you another lame excuse said that I'm busy or whatever..
The truth is I kinda dunno what am I gonna write..sorry ᇂ_ᇂ

Anyway, today I uploaded another video tag on my channel called HAIR TAG
I've been tagged by one of my Indonesia Youtuber, Djanti..ᵔᴥᵔ

So here's all the question given..⊂◉‿◉つ
1. When was the first time you got your hair cut?
2. When was the first time you got your hair colored, highlighted, etc.?
3. Hair product you cannot live without.
4. Hair product you regret buying.
5. What color do you want to dye your hair next?
6. What color have you always wanted to dye your hair?
7. Next product you really want to buy?
8. What is a hyped up product that never worked for you.
9. What do you think about extentions?
10. One hair care rule you never follow.
11. Do you use vitamins to improve the health of your hair?
12. If so, have they worked for you?
13. Who is your hair idol?

As usual..I'm tagging you all to do this tag..and if you do do this tag, don't forget to lemme know..(。◕‿◕。)'s so picture I took during the recording process..  

Last but not least, my video

Thank you for keep reading my blog..
See ya soon (or later)..