Nov 24, 2011

Warm and Kissable Christmas

"Christmas time..
 Time to share our love
 Come and join..
 The tiding to the world"

Hi my superlicious friends..
OMG..Have u check the calender..?? Uh huh..its one month before X-mas!!
Ay yay yay..super super excited for it..!

I remember that last Christmas I was in my bf place..and I wasn't with my family.. *crying
but this X-mas, I'll spend it with my fam..I'll drag my bf out so he can spent it with us.. Bwahahaha..
Really busy this month..decorating home..buying x-mas present (soon!!)..Yeah!

Here's I came up with one simple make up that suitable for u who will have a simple gathering with ur family..just siting in the living room near X-mas tree..chatting and having warm dinner with ur closest fam and friend..
So this make up isn't dramatic at easy to do..
Wanna try??

And these are the list of all product I used..

* Eyes
   NYX eyeshadow primer
   Coastal Scents 88 Matte eyeshadow palette
   NYX 10 Eyeshadow Palette ""
   Oriflame Eyeliner Stylo "Black"
   Revlon Growlicious Mascara "Blackened Brown"
   Oriflame 2FX Mascara

* Face
   Revlon Colorstay Mineral Mousse #60 
   NYX Cream Blush "Hot Pink"
   Dodo Palgantong Loose Powder

* Lips
   Very Me Lip Stain "Raspberry"


And this is me last Christmas (super edited!)..

Last but video..

So..that's all for my post..
I hope u enjoy reading it and also enjoy watching my video..

love ya'll..

Nov 5, 2011

I Need Your Help !!

Hey My lovelies..
First I admitted that my title is too overrated..hahaha..
But I really do need your help..

So maybe some of you may know that I've reached 500++ subbies on my Youtube channel..
Aaaaww..I so not believe my eyes when I woke up in the morning and saw my Youtube said "subscribers : 504"
OMFG..I was so happy..I really can't imagine having 500++ subbies..*rolling on the floor

That's why for celebrating my 500++ subbies, I wanna do "Q&A" video for all my lovely friends..
To make a Q&A video, I definitely need some question so I can answer it..
And this is the part that I need your help..
I need u to ask me about anything..I mean anything..
U can ask me about my life, bf, food or any kind of questions..but please keep the questions positive and I will be glad to answer it for u..
It will also gonna be a free shout out for your Youtube channel (for u who has a YT channel) or your blog, coz for each question I will mentioned your name and give your link on my description box and also my blog..!!
Please give your question by leaving a comment on my post here or by sending me a message on my Youtube channel.. >.<

So..once more..Please feel free to ask me about anything..
Thank you so much, lovelies..
and also thank you for your support on my Youtube channel, so I can make it through 500++ subbies..
I love ya'll..

PS : It feel weird for me not adding pictures on my post..
       So here's my pictures when I went to the park near our home..
       Enjoy.. >.<

 Me with "Hedwig"

 Me with "Bambi"

Me "climbing" the rope

 Me and my beloved lil bro
*kiss kiss

Oct 22, 2011

Dramatic Asian Doll Makeup Look (Halloween Idea)

Hi lovelies..
So sorry for d late update on my blog and also my YT! channel..
I've been really busy lately, but now I'm back with several idea of makeup (which are will come up soon..*finger cross >.<)

As u all know, halloween is near..
So todays makeup can be one of ur idea 4 ur halloween theme (for girl only)
1st I wanna come up with barbie look, but unfortunately I dont have blonde I change my mind into asian doll, but creepier..dramatic I mean..

I hope u like it..
And as usual, this is all the product that I use..

  NYX Eyeshadow Base "Medium"
  Coastal Scents 88 Matte Eyeshadow Palette
  Very Me Click It Liquid Liner "Black"
  Very Me Click It Liquid Liner "Blue"
  Oriflame Beauty 2FX Mascara

  Skin79 BB Cream Hot Pink
  Oriflame Beauty Dual Skin Corrector Concealer "Medium"
  Dodo Palgantong Threatical Loose Powder
  NYX Cream Blush "Hot Pink"

  Koshize "Totally Pink"
  Dare to Be Lipgloss with light

Enjoy the creepy-me pictures..

Last but not least, my video here..

Thank you so much for reading, dearest..
talk to u soon..


Sep 8, 2011

Easy Cut Crease : Futuristic Lover

Hi Lovelies..
So I've just uploaded my new video..make up video..
It's more about cut crease..
yeah..i'm still learning for this technique..
that's why it took a long time for me to finally have a courage to upload it for my lovely friends!!

* Eyes
   NYX Eyelid Primer
   NYX Palette S109
   NYX Eyebrow Cake "Dark Brown & Brown"
   Nonna Mini Palette
   Giordani Gold Gel Eyeliner "Soft Black"
   Vision V* Dynamic Duo Eyeliner " Laurel & Hardy"
   Revlon Grow Licious Mascara "Blackened Brown"
* Face
   Oriflame Conceal Kit
   Oriflame Reveal Kit
   Maybelline New York Pressed Powder "Natural"
* Lips
   Very Me Lipmania "Pink Kiss"
   Oriflame Silky Kiss "Pink Georgette"
   Eye intensify Pencil "Intense Black"

Some Pictures  of my creation

Last but not least..
please watch my video here, let me know what u think by leaving a comment on it..
See ya in my next blog post..
I hope soon!

Thank you, Lovelies..

Aug 20, 2011

I've got Blog Award!!

Hi lovelies..
So several times back, two of my blogger friends gave me several Blog Award they are rids and dilla 

They are really nice friends..
And I'm so happy to receive it..

So..without any delay from my don't-know-where-to-go talk
These are the Award that I've got

The rules are simple :
1. Link back and thank the person who tagged you.
2. Share 7 random things about urself
2. Post seven things about yourself and answer the list of favorite questions.
3. Pass these awards to 15 bloggers.
4. Notify the lucky bloggers who got these awards.
My random things :
1. I love to ride motorcycle in a high speed
2. I have several, hamsters, and turtles
3. I buy my 1st hamster for IDR 200k
3. I'm so freaking love Harry Potter
4. I adore Owl accessories like ring, bracelet, necklace and cute stuff with owl shape
5. I've ever dyed my hair and after that cut it..coz I don't like the result.. o.O
6. I've never cheated from my recent boyfriend although we have LDR
7. I'm super crazy for pizza, pasta, cheese and macaroni

Name your favorite colors: blue
Name your favorite song: Best thing I've never Had - Beyonce (recent fav)
Name your favorite dessert: Puding
What pisses you off: waiting
When your upset you: yelling
Your favorite pet: dog
Black or white: black
Your biggest fear: falling
Best feature: lips
Everyday Attitude: normal
What is perfection: smooth and flawless skin
Guilty pleasure: shopping

I pass on these awards to the following blogs -

So..thank you for all the award..and let's pass it through, gals!!

Aug 11, 2011

Etude Bubble Hair Coloring

Hi cup cakes..
For some of u know that I have a pretty medium dark hair, but the thing that u don't know is
my hair hv quite uneven color..
It seems like I have really unhealthy hair coz my roots it's a lot darker than the other part of my hair..
and the end of my hair are really super light..'s suck..
But I know it's my fault..back when I was in Junior - Senior High School I really loved to damaged my own hair (I used flat Iron, curling Iron too much and never threat them well)

Finally I learn my lesson..Recently I always threat my hair properly..give them spa..mask and other treatment..
But one thing that I can't fix only using spa, etc is about my hair color..
And then I decided to dye my hair again using Bubble hair coloring..
It took me several weeks to decide what brand of bubble hair coloring that I should buy..

Finally I chose.....
Etude Bubble Hair Coloring #2 Dark Brown!
I've read so many great reviews for this brand..
I bought it from my favorite Online Shop Chic Princessa for only IDR 82.000 or $ 8
Pretty cheap right?

So this is what it looked like..

And the contains inside..

This is how I apply Etude Bubble Hair Coloring..

1. mix #1 and #2

2. stir it gently left, right and round movement

3. pump the bottle..woalalala..bubble foam!

4. apply to all of hair (to get an even color)
5. wait 30 minutes (longer u wait, lighter u'll get) and then wash the hair
6. apply conditioner
7. air dry the hair

Before and after picture :
 Without Flash

Using Flash

My epic fail !! >O<

Can u see it?
Yeah.. I still have black on my hair..and that's my fault..coz i'm not applying the bubble evenly..
I missed this spot (both of it)

My video :

Pros :
* pretty cheap
* really easy to use
* it doesn't smell so strong (the chemical stuff)
* final result  : I've got pretty even hair color (but with some miss-->totally my own fault >o<)
* the conditioner smell really nice

* after a few days, my hair become a little bit dry (need to apply conditioner every time I wash my hair)
* after a few days it become lighter..and it makes  my hair going red.. :(

So..that's all for my review..
Please let me know what u think of my new hair color by leaving comments down below..

Update of my hair after +/- a week :

Love ya'll

Aug 7, 2011

Harry Potter and The Deadly Hallows Part 2

Hi my fellow Muggles..
This year is the best and also the worst year ever..
Coz in 2011, we'll all see the final chapter of Harry Potter movie..
Well..I'm happy of course because I can see Lord Voldemort reach his doom..but i'm sad because I've been watching Harry Potter since 11 years ago..and every years I always waiting for the next chapter to come..
But after 2011 I can't see Harry Potter movie again.. >_<

Basicly I'm happy and also sad because this is the final chapter of the most favourite movie ever!

In Indonesia we can watch HP premiere on July, 29 ( I know it's suck)
So me and my little brother watched it on July,30 because the queue  on the 1st day was so crazy..

My FOTD and OOTD when I watched Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows Part 2 in Grand21 Cinema
I'm trying to be as simple as I could..just a simple smokey eyes and nude lips

I'm using my white t-shirt (bought it online) and long jeans by Hassenda

About the movie..
I was so amazed with it ( also cried on several scene..I know its kinda over reacting)
Anyway I was so satisfied with it..but there was 1 part that I hate the most! U'll see later keep on reading.. o.O

Let's see some pictures from Harry Potter team and also Lord Voldemort team

Harry Potter vs Lord Voldemort

All Team

Harry Potter Team

Lord Voldemort Team
(exclude the Goblin, I guess he is in his own team..and he was killed by Lord Voldemort when Lord Voldemort destroy Gringotts to find one of his Hocrux)

So if all of you wanna know the detail story of  Harry Potter and The Deadly Hallows Part 2, ya'll can read here . U'll see the story and also some clips from the movie.

Anyway..these are the things that I still remember from the movie..

1. After Griphook betrays Harry and get the Griffindor sword.. soon he'll be killed by the death eater when Lord Voldemort destroyed Gringott in order to find one of his hocruxes..
Me  : "That's the price for betraying Harry..Boo Hoo for u, Griphook"

2. When Neville Longbottom met Harry and friends for the 1st time since Harry left Hogwart 6 months ago, his face was full of scars and bruishes.
Me : I'm just thought that Neville was so cool!

3. After the 1st warning from Lord Voldemort for Hogwarts member, Prof. McGonagall and others place a shield charm to protect Hogwart from Lord Voldemort and his army.
Me : Totally cried..I dunno why but It really pump my heart and also tear it apart when I know that soon Hogwart will be destroyed --> My 1st drama >.<

4. When Hermoine and Ron finally kiss after destroying Hufflepuff's Cup (one of the Hocrux)
Me : finally..I've been waited from the Third Chapter!

5. After Harry took Snape's tears (right before he died..yes Snape died! and I hate it!) to Pensieve and saw Snape's memories..and most of it was about Lily Potter (Harry's mother)
Me : I want to have Severus Snape's love.. :(

6. In the 1st battle they totally demolish Hogwart

7. When the 1st battle end, several of Harry friends died..Tonks, Lupin, Fred Weasley and Lavender brown
Me : Totally cried again..especially when I knew that Fred Weasley was also died! --> This was the part of this movie which I hate the most!! Aaaargh.. >o<

8. The Harry Potter and The Lord Voldemort Team before the 2nd battle 

9.Nagini was killed by Neville Longbottom using Griffindor sword which he found in the sorting hat.
Me : One more step and u'll die, Lord Voldemort!!

So that's all the things that I remembered the most from this movie.. 

Thank you very much for reading this, lovely muggles..
See u in PotterMore (I hope!!)

Love ya'll

Jul 24, 2011

Celebrity Inspired : Selena Gomez "Love You Like A Love Song"

Hi cutie pies..
Hv u watched Selena Gomez new music video called "Love You Like A Love Song"
I adore it so much..the lyric, the beat and of course Selena's make up!
She look stunning with her several make up..
For me, I love the hippie one!
U know, when she's on the beach..long hair, and really dramatic brown eye??

Yup..I'm inspired by her make up..
So I try to make almost the same like hers..but I just make it a little bit more dramatic..arabic precisely..

And here's the list for all make up I use :
* Eyes
   NYX Eyebrow Cake Dark Brown/Brown
   NYX Eyeshadow Base
   NYX The Runway Collection "Secret World"
   Coastal Scents 88 Matte Eyeshadow Palette
   Oriflame Very Click Me  Liquid Liner in Black
   Aigner Eye Crayon in Black
   Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara "Blackened Brown"
* Face
   Revlon ColorStay Mineral Mousse in Medium
   Oriflame Hide & Treat
   Vision V* No Time for Shine Pressed Powder
   Giordani Gold bronzing Pearl "Natural Radiance"
* Lips
   Oriflame VeryMe Lipmania "Pinky Kiss"
   Oriflame Ultimate Gloss "Rich Nude"

Some pictures..

And last..don't ever forget to watch the video also..

Thank you for reading my blog dear..
Don't forget to follow my blog for more beauty stuff..

Jul 16, 2011

Panasonic Kuru-Kuru

Hi beauty addict..
Time for blogging..again..

Today I wanna show you my Panasonic Kuru-Kuru hair Styler..
I'm trying to review and give some instruction how to use it properly, since i've been using it for almost 2 months (personal maybe it wont be suitable for some of u..but it definitely suit me)

1. Air Iron
    Instruction Book :    
    For creating beautiful spiral curls
    - take a small trees of hair and place it under the clamp.
    - roll it tightly around the iron
    - wait for unless 10 seconds before unrolling
    My review : 
    - my hair are short..its a little bit hard to make a perfect it makes me like i'm blowing my hair
    - add some volume to my bottom hair
    - took me more than 10 seconds before unrolling it (15-20 seconds)

2. Nozzle
    Instruction Book say :
    For overall drying and adding on to the finishing touch
    My review :
    - I use it like an ordinary hair dryer
    - Speed 3 for really wet hair
    -Speed 2 for finishing touch   
3. Adjustable Roller Brush
    Instruction Book :
    For creating curls at sides
    - take a small tress of hair and roll it gently around the roller brush
    - adjust the diameter of it to obtain the best result
    My review :
    Don't try to adjust the diameter of the roller brush while ur hair is around it, it will damage ur hair..

4. Blow Brush
    Instruction Book :
    For creating beautiful side waves
    - take a small trees of hair and brush it inside out till the top of hair and turn the brush inside
    My review:
    - This blow brush work well when i try to do an inward curl for the bottom of my hair..
    - it takes more than 20 seconds for each of my hair section to make the perfect curl, 
      still i have to use a styling foam.. 

5. Volume Lifter
    Instruction Book :
    Create a volume to the fringe, sides, and top
    My review:
    - It's good too add volume to my crown need to use hair bumpit

Overall review :
1. Pretty good hair tools to have
2. Suit better for a person who have a long hair
3. Still need a styling gel/ foam to make the hair style stay in place

How to release the top part from the main body 
1. Press the button

2. While still pressing the button, pull up the top part's also come with this cute blue-white-checker-board bag to put all the tools

That's all..
thanks for checking my blog, lovelies..