Feb 11, 2012

Cute and Yummy Valentine Look

Hi love birds..❤‿❤

As all u know Valentine day will come soon..precisely 3 days again!!
How excited is it, right..

Unfortunately I'm not in a good shape right now..that's why I can't make any videos lately.. 
But for this special Valentine's day, I've come up with my one-year-ago video..!!
Yep..this is my old Val's day look..last year actually..
I hope u still enjoy it..O(≧▽≦)O

* Eyes
   ELF Eyelid Primer
   Coastal Scents 88 Matte e/s Pallete
   Nonna Liquid Liner
   Oriflame Revelation Mascara
   Everyday Mineral "Medium"

* Face
   Oriflame Dual Skin Corrector in "Medium"
   Skin 79 BB Cream
   Vision V* No Time for Shine Pressed Powder in "Instant Latte"
   Oriflame Blush in "Pink Blush"
   Oriflame Dare to Dream Palette

* Lips
   Oriflame Power Shine in "Pink Boom"

Some Pictures..old pictures  (≧o≦)

Last but not least..
My video ≧◡≦

Thx for reading my blog..
Love ya'll..

My Collective Hauls (December-January) Part I

Hi sweeties...
Another blog post from me...❀‿❀

Well It's been a while since my last post for hauls..
So I thought why not making another hauls post, since I barely go out for shopping (still thinking about money (≧o≦) )

These hauls will include all the stuff that I've got in December-January..
So for me it's gonna be a big hauls..include make up, skin care, clothes, and miscellaneous stuff..

I hope I can make it in only one post..but if it's too much, I'll divide it into 2 parts..


First Hauls Category : Make Up + Skin Care

"Together in Harmony "

Feb 2, 2012

My Little Brother's Bday ^_^

Morning my friendz..
today I wanna share my activity that happen yesterday.. specific date Feb, 1st '12.
It was my lil bro (Jevon) bday..but I don't need to mention his age, right?? xixixi..

So yesterday we had a small celebration 4 him..not much just a little Bday Cake surprise when He got back from school..
Well it was actually my idea for the Bday cake..since his last bday cake was....hmmm..I guess when He was only a year old..pretty long isn't it?
So I decided to go to Wonder Bakery to buy a small Black Forest Cake with several tiny bday candles..
Hahaha..can't imagine I could be such a nice sista..which is really rare thing to happen.. ^_^

Anyway..the surprise was goin well..he seems shock..but happy of course..
These are some picture that shown our little celebration yesterday..
I warning u it will be lots of pictures..us camwhoring..yay!!

The "Black Forest" Cake
6 Cherries waiting to be eat!!