Jul 16, 2011

Panasonic Kuru-Kuru

Hi beauty addict..
Time for blogging..again..

Today I wanna show you my Panasonic Kuru-Kuru hair Styler..
I'm trying to review and give some instruction how to use it properly, since i've been using it for almost 2 months (personal experience..so maybe it wont be suitable for some of u..but it definitely suit me)

1. Air Iron
    Instruction Book :    
    For creating beautiful spiral curls
    - take a small trees of hair and place it under the clamp.
    - roll it tightly around the iron
    - wait for unless 10 seconds before unrolling
    My review : 
    - my hair are short..its a little bit hard to make a perfect curls..so it makes me like i'm blowing my hair
    - add some volume to my bottom hair
    - took me more than 10 seconds before unrolling it (15-20 seconds)

2. Nozzle
    Instruction Book say :
    For overall drying and adding on to the finishing touch
    My review :
    - I use it like an ordinary hair dryer
    - Speed 3 for really wet hair
    -Speed 2 for finishing touch   
3. Adjustable Roller Brush
    Instruction Book :
    For creating curls at sides
    - take a small tress of hair and roll it gently around the roller brush
    - adjust the diameter of it to obtain the best result
    My review :
    Don't try to adjust the diameter of the roller brush while ur hair is around it, it will damage ur hair..

4. Blow Brush
    Instruction Book :
    For creating beautiful side waves
    - take a small trees of hair and brush it inside out till the top of hair and turn the brush inside
    My review:
    - This blow brush work well when i try to do an inward curl for the bottom of my hair..
    - it takes more than 20 seconds for each of my hair section to make the perfect curl, 
      still i have to use a styling foam.. 

5. Volume Lifter
    Instruction Book :
    Create a volume to the fringe, sides, and top
    My review:
    - It's good too add volume to my crown hair..no need to use hair bumpit

Overall review :
1. Pretty good hair tools to have
2. Suit better for a person who have a long hair
3. Still need a styling gel/ foam to make the hair style stay in place

How to release the top part from the main body 
1. Press the button

2. While still pressing the button, pull up the top part

Owh..it's also come with this cute blue-white-checker-board bag to put all the tools

That's all..
thanks for checking my blog, lovelies..

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