Mar 26, 2012

My Collective Hauls (December-January) Part II

Hi again sweeties..
So this gonna be my 2nd part of My Collective Hauls..which are about Clothes and miscellaneous stuff..

Let's get started..huff..huff..\m/(>.<)\m/

Second Hauls Category : Clothes + Shoes + Bag

I bought from my boarding house friend..
it cost me IDR 80.000,00 ($8) --> No discount o(╥﹏╥)o

Bday gift from my friend

Mar 3, 2012

What's in My Bag

Hi My Lovely Friend..

It's me Sincera for welcoming MARCH..!!!
Yay..Time do flies fast, correct?

Today just a short blogpost to let u know that I've already uploaded my NEW video..
My 2nd tag video : What's in My Bag
I'm not tagged by anyone actually..but I guess it would be a fun video to make also a really simple video during my busy time..ha ha ha..

So I hope y'all enjoy watching it..
and I also tagging all of u to do this really fun video..

Thank you so much for reading my post..
Love y'all..