Feb 2, 2012

My Little Brother's Bday ^_^

Morning my friendz..
today I wanna share my activity that happen yesterday.. specific date Feb, 1st '12.
It was my lil bro (Jevon) bday..but I don't need to mention his age, right?? xixixi..

So yesterday we had a small celebration 4 him..not much just a little Bday Cake surprise when He got back from school..
Well it was actually my idea for the Bday cake..since his last bday cake was....hmmm..I guess when He was only a year old..pretty long isn't it?
So I decided to go to Wonder Bakery to buy a small Black Forest Cake with several tiny bday candles..
Hahaha..can't imagine I could be such a nice sista..which is really rare thing to happen.. ^_^

Anyway..the surprise was goin well..he seems shock..but happy of course..
These are some picture that shown our little celebration yesterday..
I warning u it will be lots of pictures..us camwhoring..yay!!

The "Black Forest" Cake
6 Cherries waiting to be eat!!

Je turns the candles on
Je blows the candles
"Make a wish 1st, lil bro >.<"

 Cutting the Cake..he's already counting how many cherries that he can eat!

 Camwhoring with my pet dog, Locky..
can u see Locky's eyes? Always focus on the Cake..
wanna try lil bud?? nom..nom..nom..

We're Happy Family!!
Forever and ever...^____^

Oow..this is what happen with the cake the day after..
can u see the cherries?
Not anymore.. Je ate 4, and I got 2 of them..mommy 0.. :(

So..after the small celebration..we decided to go outside to get dinner..
And...KFC a.k.a Kentucky Fried Chicken was the place that mommy picked!
She loves Colonel Yakiniku like.. a lot!
Then we went to Matahari Dept.Store and straight to KFC which was in front of the Dept.Store..

Order up!
2 Colonel Yakiniku
2 Hazelnut Float
It cost us Rp.50.000,00 or $5 ($1=Rp.10.000,00 just to make it easier to count  ^.^)
Not that much money right?

Again..we never forgot to....camwhoring!!

Waiting for the main course to come..starviiing..

Pose b4 we eat!

Je using my Blackberry to reply Cousin's bday greeting

Mommy loves Yakiniku!!

Chit chat after dinner..

Well that's all for what happen on Je's Bday..
Now about the present..since my family doesn't like to share bday date to everyone..except online (hint : FB)
That's why we keep it simple..also simple present..
My Lil bro really love art..he loves drawing..pretty talented also..but lazy! 
And then mommy and I decided to buy Glass deco for him..

 These are some sample pictures that you can draw

Unfinished drawing by Je

The finish one..I l-o-v-e it!
both of it..

Soooo..that's all for blog post..
I hope u never get bored of it..especially with a lot of our camwhoring pictz..

Thank you very much for reading my blog post..
See you soon, dearest friendz!!


  1. Hey Sincera I am your new GFC Follower from India.I loved the chocolate cake, it looks soo yumm and aalso the kfc food :p I love glass painting too! You look pretty!
    Check my blog!

  2. thx sweetie..of course i'll follow ur blog.. ●‿●