Feb 11, 2012

My Collective Hauls (December-January) Part I

Hi sweeties...
Another blog post from me...❀‿❀

Well It's been a while since my last post for hauls..
So I thought why not making another hauls post, since I barely go out for shopping (still thinking about money (≧o≦) )

These hauls will include all the stuff that I've got in December-January..
So for me it's gonna be a big hauls..include make up, skin care, clothes, and miscellaneous stuff..

I hope I can make it in only one post..but if it's too much, I'll divide it into 2 parts..


First Hauls Category : Make Up + Skin Care

"Together in Harmony "

1. Urban Shield Foundation "Natural Beige" 
Rp 99.000,00 ($10) disc up to Rp. 19.900 ($2)
2. GG Age Defying Foundation "Natural Beige"
Rp. 179.000,00 ($20) disc up to Rp.50.000,00 ($5)
Really nice price right??

GG Mineral Therapy Concealer
Rp.129.000,00 ($1.5) disc up to Rp.69.000,00 ($7)

1. Oriflame LipBalm 
+/-Rp.30.000,00 ($3)
2. Oriflame Beauty Lipstick in "Pink Georgette"
+/-Rp.30.000,00 ($3)
3. Oriflame Beauty Colorful Lipstick in "Brown Delight"
Rp.129.000,00 ($13) disc up to Rp.39.900,00 ($4)
4.Oriflame Beauty Wonder Colour Lipstick in "Red Devotion"
Rp.75.000,00 ($8) disc up to Rp.44.900,00 ($4.5)

1. GG Mineral Eye Shadow in "PLATINUM GREY"
Rp. 149.000,00 ($15) disc up to Rp.14.900,00 ($1.5)
2. Viva Eyebrow Pencil in "Brown"
Rp.15.000,00 ($1.5)

My Skin care product by Larissa Skin Care
1. Day Cream Rp.55.000,00 ($5)
2. Night Cream Rp.55.000,00 ($5)

1. OB Hypnotyc Nail Colour in "Magenta"
Mommy gave it to me >.<
2. Visions Nail Polish in "Serial Blogger"
Rp. 14.900,00 ($1.5)
3. Visions Nail Polish in "Rally Racer"
Rp. 14.900,00 ($1.5)
2. OB French Manicure in "Rose Shimmer"
Rp.49.900,00 ($5)

1. Muse Eau de Toilette
Rp.298.000,00 ($30)
2. Grace Eau de Parfum
Rp. 449.000,00 ($45)

I really l-o-v-e the top of  Muse Parfum..it's like blossom Flower.. ❤‿❤

My Facial Foam also from Larissa Skin Care
Rp.18.000,00 ($2)

1. Ice Tropic 3 tones soft lens in "Green"
Rp.69.000,00 ($7)
2. OXI-Five
Rp.25.000,00 ($2)

So..this is my 1st part of  My Collective Hauls..and the next part will be about Clothes, Shoes and miscellaneous stuff..
Please stay tuned to see my "to-be continued haul"

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  1. bagus yah say larissa, review di FD juga jarang da yang kecewa. mau ikutan belum di balas yah konsul via email ..makasi sharenya :)