May 1, 2011

1st Celebrity Inspired !!

Hi dolls..
Yesterday i've just upload a new video called "Celebrity Inspired (Basic Smokey Eyes) : Agnes Monica"
FYI this is my 1st celebrity inspired..i still learn to do bare with me, ok?

Uhm.. for u who doesn't know Agnes Monica..u can google it..for a hint, she is an Indonesian Celebrity that have a big obsession to go internationally..and for me, she's doing a great job on it!

Well anyway, as usual I'll give the description of the make up that I wear.. 
  My homemade Eye Primer :)
  Coastal Scents 88 Matte Eye Shadow Palette
  L.A Colors 12 Eye Shadow Palette "Modern"
  Nonna Mascara "Black"

  GG Bronzing Pearl "Natural Radiance"
  Vision V* Luminiser Stick

  Oriflame Tender Care
  Oriflame Silky Kiss "Beige Charmause"

That's all for my make up and just let u know in this video and my next make up look video I'll skip the concealer, foundation things..because I always do it in the same way..
U can watch it in my other make up video b4 this one..or if u like I can do a foundie routine 4 u..
Just leave a comment or message me for it..

Ow..and one more thing in this video I already fill my brows 1st..xixixi..

So..I give u several picture from this look

And don't 4get to watch my video also..

Check Agnes Monica official music video "Paralyzed" so u can see how great she is..

Last thing..
Thank you so much 4 ur attention..
please leave a comment, like and sub my channel if u like my videos..

Much love from me, Sincera..

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