May 2, 2011

Oriflame Haul !!

Hi guys..
2day is gonna be my 1st make up haul..and all of them are Oriflame..

Maybe some of u wondering why Oriflame? 
Hmm..I'm an Oriflame they always sent me a catalog every month with their great discount..
and yeaa.. they got me! I always buy Oriflame stuff almost every month..hahaha..

Well anyway I'll give some picture of my Oriflame haul plus their swatches..

One more things, I don't make a video for this..just in my blog..
So if u wanna know about the product that I bought, just leave a comment here or in my Youtube! channel..
and I'll do a review for ya'll (consider I never do a review b4)

So lets get started!

My entire Oriflame Haul

Description (Left to right)

Eye make up
1. Eye Intensity Pencil Liner "Black"
2. Very Click Me Liquid Liner "Black and Blue"
3. Eyeliner Stylo "Black"
4. Giordani Gold Gel Liner "Soft Black"
5. Giordani Gold Gel Liner "Deep Green"

Lip Make up
Oriflame Silky Kiss "Beige Charmause"

Face make up
Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearl "Natural Radiance"

Eyes stuff + swatches

Face stuff + swatch

Lip stuff + swatch

So that's all 4 my Oriflame Haul..
Don't 4get if u wanna know about all of the product that I bough, just leave a comment..

Much love from me, Sincera..

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