Aug 11, 2011

Etude Bubble Hair Coloring

Hi cup cakes..
For some of u know that I have a pretty medium dark hair, but the thing that u don't know is
my hair hv quite uneven color..
It seems like I have really unhealthy hair coz my roots it's a lot darker than the other part of my hair..
and the end of my hair are really super light..'s suck..
But I know it's my fault..back when I was in Junior - Senior High School I really loved to damaged my own hair (I used flat Iron, curling Iron too much and never threat them well)

Finally I learn my lesson..Recently I always threat my hair properly..give them spa..mask and other treatment..
But one thing that I can't fix only using spa, etc is about my hair color..
And then I decided to dye my hair again using Bubble hair coloring..
It took me several weeks to decide what brand of bubble hair coloring that I should buy..

Finally I chose.....
Etude Bubble Hair Coloring #2 Dark Brown!
I've read so many great reviews for this brand..
I bought it from my favorite Online Shop Chic Princessa for only IDR 82.000 or $ 8
Pretty cheap right?

So this is what it looked like..

And the contains inside..

This is how I apply Etude Bubble Hair Coloring..

1. mix #1 and #2

2. stir it gently left, right and round movement

3. pump the bottle..woalalala..bubble foam!

4. apply to all of hair (to get an even color)
5. wait 30 minutes (longer u wait, lighter u'll get) and then wash the hair
6. apply conditioner
7. air dry the hair

Before and after picture :
 Without Flash

Using Flash

My epic fail !! >O<

Can u see it?
Yeah.. I still have black on my hair..and that's my fault..coz i'm not applying the bubble evenly..
I missed this spot (both of it)

My video :

Pros :
* pretty cheap
* really easy to use
* it doesn't smell so strong (the chemical stuff)
* final result  : I've got pretty even hair color (but with some miss-->totally my own fault >o<)
* the conditioner smell really nice

* after a few days, my hair become a little bit dry (need to apply conditioner every time I wash my hair)
* after a few days it become lighter..and it makes  my hair going red.. :(

So..that's all for my review..
Please let me know what u think of my new hair color by leaving comments down below..

Update of my hair after +/- a week :

Love ya'll


  1. nice product !! wud luv to try it sumday . . .

  2. i have an award for u~ ^^
    check my latest post ^^

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  4. how long did it last for you? :D
    and what do you mean that it became lighter? :D

    i was thinking of buying it earlier but i am kind of afraid because i have a dark skin tone so maybe it wont look good for me :( but seeing the reviews i want to try it XD