Aug 7, 2011

Harry Potter and The Deadly Hallows Part 2

Hi my fellow Muggles..
This year is the best and also the worst year ever..
Coz in 2011, we'll all see the final chapter of Harry Potter movie..
Well..I'm happy of course because I can see Lord Voldemort reach his doom..but i'm sad because I've been watching Harry Potter since 11 years ago..and every years I always waiting for the next chapter to come..
But after 2011 I can't see Harry Potter movie again.. >_<

Basicly I'm happy and also sad because this is the final chapter of the most favourite movie ever!

In Indonesia we can watch HP premiere on July, 29 ( I know it's suck)
So me and my little brother watched it on July,30 because the queue  on the 1st day was so crazy..

My FOTD and OOTD when I watched Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows Part 2 in Grand21 Cinema
I'm trying to be as simple as I could..just a simple smokey eyes and nude lips

I'm using my white t-shirt (bought it online) and long jeans by Hassenda

About the movie..
I was so amazed with it ( also cried on several scene..I know its kinda over reacting)
Anyway I was so satisfied with it..but there was 1 part that I hate the most! U'll see later keep on reading.. o.O

Let's see some pictures from Harry Potter team and also Lord Voldemort team

Harry Potter vs Lord Voldemort

All Team

Harry Potter Team

Lord Voldemort Team
(exclude the Goblin, I guess he is in his own team..and he was killed by Lord Voldemort when Lord Voldemort destroy Gringotts to find one of his Hocrux)

So if all of you wanna know the detail story of  Harry Potter and The Deadly Hallows Part 2, ya'll can read here . U'll see the story and also some clips from the movie.

Anyway..these are the things that I still remember from the movie..

1. After Griphook betrays Harry and get the Griffindor sword.. soon he'll be killed by the death eater when Lord Voldemort destroyed Gringott in order to find one of his hocruxes..
Me  : "That's the price for betraying Harry..Boo Hoo for u, Griphook"

2. When Neville Longbottom met Harry and friends for the 1st time since Harry left Hogwart 6 months ago, his face was full of scars and bruishes.
Me : I'm just thought that Neville was so cool!

3. After the 1st warning from Lord Voldemort for Hogwarts member, Prof. McGonagall and others place a shield charm to protect Hogwart from Lord Voldemort and his army.
Me : Totally cried..I dunno why but It really pump my heart and also tear it apart when I know that soon Hogwart will be destroyed --> My 1st drama >.<

4. When Hermoine and Ron finally kiss after destroying Hufflepuff's Cup (one of the Hocrux)
Me : finally..I've been waited from the Third Chapter!

5. After Harry took Snape's tears (right before he died..yes Snape died! and I hate it!) to Pensieve and saw Snape's memories..and most of it was about Lily Potter (Harry's mother)
Me : I want to have Severus Snape's love.. :(

6. In the 1st battle they totally demolish Hogwart

7. When the 1st battle end, several of Harry friends died..Tonks, Lupin, Fred Weasley and Lavender brown
Me : Totally cried again..especially when I knew that Fred Weasley was also died! --> This was the part of this movie which I hate the most!! Aaaargh.. >o<

8. The Harry Potter and The Lord Voldemort Team before the 2nd battle 

9.Nagini was killed by Neville Longbottom using Griffindor sword which he found in the sorting hat.
Me : One more step and u'll die, Lord Voldemort!!

So that's all the things that I remembered the most from this movie.. 

Thank you very much for reading this, lovely muggles..
See u in PotterMore (I hope!!)

Love ya'll

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