Apr 18, 2014

Hey..I'm Back..!!

Hi cute cupcakes..
How ya'll doing??
I know.. I've been  MIA for a while..nope..forever! (◕︵◕)
But hey..I'm back..

I kinda surprise when I open my blog and the last time I posted on this blog was in Sept'13..O.o
Wow..it's been a while..
I miss you guys..a lottle (it's like a little but a lot!) (• ε •)

Anyway..there's a lot of things that happen lately..
I plan to make a video about this..i hope soon, but for now lemme tell you the outline of what happen to me for the past 7 month..
But I warned you..there will be lot of pictures of me..camwhore alert! (◜௰◝)

So..where do I start..hmmm..
Well..finally I've got a job..and not just one but two jobs at a time..crazy huh?! Well not really..
My 1st job is purchasing staff at one of the biggest garment factory at my town..can you imagine how excited I am? Wow..just wow!
But....nope! I'm just feel OK with my 1st job which is actually my main job..duh!
And here's my picture when I'm still on training..
selfie b4 going to work

selfie at the office (it was taken on Dec,24th 2013)

aaaand this is my workplace, with others stuck in the giant hall..yep!

I was still wearing white shirt on this picture (which I've already wears uniform now..I'm graduate..! from the training program..)
Aaaaand..I don't wanna talk too much about my 1st job.

Anyway move on to my 2nd job..and guess what?? I'm a NEWS ANCHOR and also a radio broadcaster!!
Ay yay yay..I'm always dreaming that I can become a news anchor one day..and now BAM!
I become one..!!
Well yeah It's just a local TV station, but I'm so happy that I got this job!!
It's like a dream come true..well It is a dream come true!
You cannot imagine how happy I am the 1st time I knew that I got the job..so excited!!
Well..the salary isn't that good..not as big as my main job..but I'm happy!
I can't say that I'm good at it, I'm still in learning process..but I feel that this is it..I found my dream job!

Anyway these are some pictures of me and some of my fellow news anchor..
 still nervous everytime I heard "3..2..1" (>.<)

 with one of my senior (-''-)

'the ladies'

 my friend was nice enough to snap a pict after work

selfie during the commercial break

Perhaps some of you curious about what it looks like BTS..

 camera closeup

what the studio look like from my view

another different studio

I know it's a bit messy..but hey lemme remind you again this is a LOCAL TV STATION only..so yeah..
my 1st experience covering some news outside the studio..i was freaking me out!

And oh..did I told you that I also a radio broadcaster? lemme show you how silly I was at the studio..
this what happen when I had to work at new year's eve..

boriiiing..nope! I act bored, which I was NOT!

So perhaps these can be my excuse if i'm being MIA lately..because I have 2 jobs?
Well I'm sorry..I'm still cannot manage my time yet..so bear with me, please?

Ok..enough about my job..now move on to something that a little bit more personal..my love life.
Well for you who been wondering when will I get married..I will answer sooner or later I will..
Hah..if you consider that to be an answer..
Anyway, me and my boyfriend haven't plan about wedding yet..well we plan to but not just yet.
We're just happy now..with our condition..so we thinking why must rushing in?
No matter what people said..we just wanna do things that make us happy and keep building this relationship to be stronger each day..
We love each other..we can be who we really are when we're together..I can be as silly as I want without worrying that my boyfriend wouldn't like it..and vise versa.

I know it's hard to be on a long distance relationship..we've been doing it for almost a year..
I cannot say that i feel fine with this condition..sometimes I feel like I can't do this anymore..and I know it sound cheesy but in the end love will find a way..the feeling that both of us have always bring us back together again..♥♥♥

=='love' is just a word until I hear it from you==

So yeah..that's pretty much it..I hope I can make a video talking about the detail of today's blogpost..
Anyway, this is what I look like now (with my new haircut!!)

Thank you for keep reading my blog..
See ya soon (or later).. 

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