Apr 18, 2014

Dramatic VS Natural Makeup Look

Hi cute macaroons..

So i've been planning to upload a new video from last couple of month..But I didn't have time for it and my internet connection was being unfriendly..
Aaand..finally here's my new video..
This video actually ment to be valentine makeup since it has pink and purple colour in it..like valentine signature colour..
But hey, you can still wear it in any occasion..

Anyway, these are so pictures of the makeup that I created..


And of course my video..

Thank you for keep reading my blog..
See ya soon (or later).. 


  1. Hi..
    First time here...
    And just followed you... :)

    Loving the dramatic makeup dear...

    Mampir ke blog ku yah. Ada postingan tutorial baru menggunakan warna paling hits tahun ini.


    1. hey..thank you for following my blog..
      jangan lupa liat video2ku dan di-comment yah..

      visiting ur blog right now..!! :D