Nov 24, 2012

I'm The 1st Indonesian Youtube Partner ≧◡≦

Hi my lovely cupcakes..
How are you doing???

Today I'm just upload a new video..
I called it random talk video..hahahaha..
its kinda new format of the video I've ever made..
because in this video its only about me "talking" to all of you..
answering several of ur question..and also talking about a lil bit of my personal update..

This is my 1st attempt to do this kind of video..
so I'm really sorry about the duration..quite long i guess..
I'll try to make it shorter next time..

So in this video I'll answer the top 3 question from all of u.. NATIONALITY, BOYFRIEND, and......

As far as I know Indonesia doesn't have partnership program with Youtube for individual channel like when I can become  YT partner (the 1st YT partner from Indonesia i guess) a lot of u asking me about that.

Becoming a YT partner is the most question that I find on my channel or video (I read all of ur comment)
That's why in this video I answer it really if anyone of u interested to become one..definitely watch my video..

Enjoy guys.. (◕‿◕✿)

Thank you so much for reading my blog post..
See you soon..


  1. yeaaiiii..congrats!! aku masih belum bisa bikin video T___T

    1. Makasih sweetie... <3
      coba aja's really fun loh bt video... :)