May 8, 2012

Korean Natural Make Up Inspired

Hello my lovelies..
How are you today?
I hope ya'll doing great.. ᵔᴥᵔ

More than a month I hadn't post anything here..and I have a reason for that..xixixi
For the past couple of month (including this month) I've been so busy preparing my exam and also......preparing for my ENGAGEMENT!!
Ay..yay..yay..yeah..soon i'm getting engaged (hint : next month) !!! ヽ\(≧∇≦)/\(≧∇≦)/
So..u know busy I am..

Anyway enough with the "intro", now lets talk about my new video..
Again it's natural wearable and the most important thing is it's simple to do!

In my country a.k.a Indonesia has been "a contageous disease", u know what??
Uh huh..Korean disease!!
Everything is about Korean Style..clothes, hair, and also make up!

So here I am with Korean Inspired make up with thick black liner..

Pictures of  "Korean Me" (✿◠‿◠)

Wanna know the stuff that I wear?
Here are the list :

* Eyes
   Eyeliner Stylo "Black"
   Wardah Eyeshadow Trio
   NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder "Dark Brown/Brown"

* Face
   GG Age Defying Foundation "Natural Beige"
   GG Mineral Therapy Concealer "Light/Medium"
   Oriflame Tea Tree Purifying Corrective Stick
   Oriflame Pure Colour Pressed Powder
   Miin Jewel Touch Cheek "Shining Pink"

* Lips
   Oriflame Pure Natural Protecting Lip Balm
   Jazz Fusion Lip Palette video!!
Thank you so much for u who keep reading my blog..
and if u wanna know my Engagement preparation..just lemme know, dear..
Love ya'll

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