Mar 26, 2012

My Collective Hauls (December-January) Part II

Hi again sweeties..
So this gonna be my 2nd part of My Collective Hauls..which are about Clothes and miscellaneous stuff..

Let's get started..huff..huff..\m/(>.<)\m/

Second Hauls Category : Clothes + Shoes + Bag

I bought from my boarding house friend..
it cost me IDR 80.000,00 ($8) --> No discount o(╥﹏╥)o

Bday gift from my friend

Bday gift from my bf 

purple cardigan I bought from "Pacific Mall" Tegal
it cost me IDR 69.000 ($7)

White stripe dress from "Marvell" Salatiga
it cost me IDR 100.000 ($10)

Notice the difference??
It's actually couple shirt..left for male and right for female
But i've never give it to my bf (since he won fit in it) and i decide to wear them both.. 
it cost me IDR 80.000 ($8) from Online Shop
This is the promotion pict that I saw from the Online Shop..
Similar or not??
U decide..

Left picture : me wearing knitted korean stripe 'shirt' which is look like a mini dress for me ಥ_ಥ
Right picture : Promotion pictures from the Online Shop
it cost me IDR 65.000 ($7)

Charles and Keith Black bag, given to me from my bf aunty..
Xmas Gift!!
thank you, Aunty..

1. Black pump
IDR 60.000 ($6)
2. Black flat shoes
IDR 299.000 ($30) disc up to IDR 50.000 ($5)
3. Black stone sandals
IDR 299.000 ($30) disc up to IDR 50.000 ($5)

I l-o-v-e them all
♪☆\(^0^\) ♪(/^-^)/☆♪

Third Hauls Category : miscellaneous stuff

Howard the saving Bear
of course for saving some money!
it cost me IDR 35.000 ($3)

Garfield the Telephone
it cost me IDR 69.000 ($7)

Hmm.. Monkey the Car Pillow??
It's my bday gift from my bff
so cute...

And this is me wearing it
Well I suppose to wear it in the car sit..but...I don't have one..

Finally..finish with my hauls post..
Maybe for some of you these are just a small hauls..consider these are my 2 months haul..
But some of the stuff I got it with really reasonable price and of course really great deal..
That's why I always wait for the discount!!

So..see you in my next post, sweeties..
Love y'all..

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  1. hehehehe nice haul !!