Feb 4, 2013

DIY Cute Woven Heart

Hi my sweet crafty loverz...
How you all doing?
Hope everything is great..

As u all know..this is the month of LOVE..February!!
The month for sharing love for everyone..well we can still share love every month,
but February make the love atmosphere go wohooo...
Aaaaw..so prepare ur tools, sweethearts..Let's get Crafty!!

Today I'm gonna share with u how to make ur own woven heart pocket..
You can use it for storing ur gift (small gifts like chocolate, candy, etc) and giving it to ur love ones..
Anyway if itsn't for Valentine, this woven heart can also store ur money, hair clips, small bracelet,
or even to store ur powder and lipglosses as ur personal makeup pouch..or anything else.

❀◕ ‿ ◕❀


Sooo..let's get started..≧◡≦
We need :

Make the pattern :

Step by step :







repeat step 1-8 till the last strand

put tape adhesive, glue it to secure the stuff u'll store later, and...we're FINISH!!

Last but not least, my video

Thank you for reading my blog, sweetie..
See you soon..

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