Oct 15, 2012

Glamorous Pink Makeup

Hi my sweetie cupcakes friends..

It's been a while since my last blog post..
*I know..lazy me >__<

Anyway..eheem..as usual I've just uploaded a new video on Youtube..
I know it's October..and October is always related with HALLOWEEN..yay!!
But I still wondering what kind of makeup that I'm gonna wear for this halloween..
So while I'm thinking about my halloween makeup..I'm gonna show you another makeup look..
I called it "Glamorous Pink"
It's Glamorous because this look is kinda retro with deep crease and dark eyeshadow..but without red lips, I've changed it to pink lips..

Again..as usual..I give all the makeup list that I used for this Glamorous Pink makeup look

* Eyes
   NYX Eyeshadow Base
   Coastal Scents 88 Matte Eyeshadow Palette
   Aigner Eyeliner "Black"
   Revlon Growlicius Mascara "Blackened Brown"

* Face
   Giordani Gold Foundation "Natural Beige"
   Nyx Rough Cream Blush "Hot Pink"
   Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Pressed Powder "Medium"
   Giordani Gold Mineral Concealer "Medium"

* Lips
   Koshize "Totally Pink"

This is how I do this "Glamorous Makeup" only for my beloved friends which has a poor internet speed..like myself..I hate internet connection in Indonesia.. >__<

1. Prime my eyelids for long lasting e.s and prevent creasing

2. Apply matte e.s for base color and to even out the tone

3. Apply dark brown e.s from CS 88 matte E.S Palette on my crease and the outer corner 
   (make "V" shape)

4. Apply orange e.s for blending with the harsh line from dark brown e.s
5. Apply bright matte e.s for highlighting my browbone

6.  Apply shimmery white e.s in the inner corner and my tear duct to brighten up my eye look

7. Apply black eyeliner and make  "cat eye" shape

8. Curl my lashes, apply mascara and also apply thick falshies for more glamorous look
9. Apply concealer for covering my imperfections (blemishes, acne, under eyes circle )
    and also for highlighting my feature (cheekbone, cupid bow, nose)
10. Apply blusher
11. Apply lipstick
12. Apply powder for finishing touch

And these are some pictures that I took from my video (I've mistakenly forgot the files that stores this makeup pictures..sorry >.<)

Last but not least..my video ....

So..that's all for my blog post..
See ya in my next post..soon I hope.. 


  1. hi, I like your hair, it looks fresh. I am from Indonesia and sorry if my english bad.. i like your blog ;)

    1. Hi sweetie..thank you for visiting my blog..
      itu rambutku beberapa bulan yang lalu..skg uda rd lbh pnjg..

      keep reading my blog yah.. :)
      <3 <3

    2. hehehe jd malu saya, ernyata tkamu orang Indonesia ya, selama ini aku ngirain blogger luar dr Filiphina,LOL ;). Pertama kali kenal kamu di youtube :D

    3. iyaa..I've heard that a lot..dr comment2 di Youtube sering bgt bilang ak ini filipino..wah2..emg mirip filipino yah??
      Pdhl dr lahir mpe skg tinggal di jawa..hahahaha..

      Btw..thanks uda subscribe ke Youtube channelku yah..ayo donk bikin video di Youtube..makeup tutorial maybe?